Production Challenger Doomsday Clock

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As we reported the other day, the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid announced at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto that the Challenger will be built at the Brampton, Ontario assembly plant. That's the same plant churnin' out it's bigger LX-platformed siblings, the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Dodge Magnum. Now they've got a new toy to display with the "concept car" they've been lugging around since the last Detroit show. Here's the scoop from the Chrysler Group:

"The Dodge Challenger has a new home in Canada, and now a date in Chicago. At auto shows this year, the Challenger concept car will stand alongside a 'countdown clock', which will tally the days, hours, minutes and seconds before the production version is revealed at the Chicago Auto Show in February 2008. As of today - Feb. 14 - the wait is 357 days until reveal."


Ooh, a clock — you can't have muscle car wars without a clock, can we?


Dodge's American Muscle To Be Built In Canada [internal]

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Comrade Teargaskov

Hopefully for Chrysler, some of the enthusiasm for the Challenger will have been sufficiently beaten into the ground by then. God knows the Camaro will be but a distant memory.