Pro-Level Freeriding Looks Even Gnarlier From A Fast-Moving Drone's Eye

Gif: Red Bull

Bust out your barf bag and hang on to your office chair while you watch pro motocross rider Tyler Bereman right straight to Send It City from the perspective of a fast-moving drone flown by ace aerial camera op Johnny FPV.

A friend promoting Red Bull’s house of extreme content just sent this and I clicked quick when I saw Mr. FPV (real name Johnny Schaer) was involved. His roller coastery drone videos are freaking amazing and uniquely swoopy. They look great on a big screen, by the way, so if you have YouTube on your TV I suggest tossing this up there!


Rider Tyler Bereman is obviously talented on the handlebars himself. Here’s a little more context from his résumé via Red Bull:

“Bereman is a leading motocross freerider, known as much for his innovative action videos as he is for the enormous whips and quarter pipe airs he throws in competition. He has won eight X Games medals since 2017, including a gold medal in Moto X Best Whip last summer in Minneapolis. The Southern California native hails from Templeton and typically trains in Murrieta.”

Hey, I bought my Montero from a dude out in Murrieta! Guess I should have stuck around and tried to get some riding lessons. (Just kidding, no way would I go off jumps like this, even before mulching my hand in that stupid UTV crash.)

The bike Bereman’s on in this video is a KTM 450 SX-F, a fuel-injected thumper (single-cylinder) that KTM claims uses “the lightest 450cc motor” on the motocross market, churning out 63 horsepower. The drone setup uses a DJI Osmo Action and DJI FPV transmission system.

You can see some nice high-rez stills from this video shoot on Red Bull’s site too if you’d like to dig into it a little more.

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Bradley Brownell

This blew my tiny mind. Video tech has advanced so much in such a short time. Could you imagine if Gymkhana 1 had come out of the gate swinging this hard? We would have fucking lost it! I mean, we did lose it, but like it would have been 10X that.