This First-Person Drone Flight Is A Masterpiece Of Exhilaration

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Gif: Johnny FPV (YouTube)

If you’ve ever wished you could fly, really well, you will appreciate Johnny FPV’s super-fast rip around Abu Dhabi. This quick clip has a couple of incredible car shots, but the building and desert flyovers are frankly pretty unreal as well.

Johnny FPV is, as you might have guessed, a known entity in the drone video world and the work is next-level. You might have seen some of their drift footage on Jalopnik awhile back.

This clip, “Sandscape,” is an ad for the Department of Culture & Tourism Abu Dhabi and a very effective one at that... I really want to go see those sand dunes now!

I wonder how much the footage in these clips is sped up, or how fast the drone is actually flying through in and around those regal-looking buildings. Regardless, it’s pretty mind-blowing to think that you can get a remote-control air vehicle capable of doing things like this for a few thousand bucks.


Of course, this clip in particular was elevated even further by a clearly talented video editor stitching up those clean transitions.

What a nice distraction. I might go watch this another time or two to relax.