This First-Person Drone Flight Is A Masterpiece Of Exhilaration

Gif: Johnny FPV (YouTube)

If you’ve ever wished you could fly, really well, you will appreciate Johnny FPV’s super-fast rip around Abu Dhabi. This quick clip has a couple of incredible car shots, but the building and desert flyovers are frankly pretty unreal as well.

Johnny FPV is, as you might have guessed, a known entity in the drone video world and the work is next-level. You might have seen some of their drift footage on Jalopnik awhile back.


This clip, “Sandscape,” is an ad for the Department of Culture & Tourism Abu Dhabi and a very effective one at that... I really want to go see those sand dunes now!

I wonder how much the footage in these clips is sped up, or how fast the drone is actually flying through in and around those regal-looking buildings. Regardless, it’s pretty mind-blowing to think that you can get a remote-control air vehicle capable of doing things like this for a few thousand bucks.

Of course, this clip in particular was elevated even further by a clearly talented video editor stitching up those clean transitions.

What a nice distraction. I might go watch this another time or two to relax.

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Looks good, but man I got dizzy towards the end. Its a nice trick, but when I was in film school I was taught to leave gimmicks behind because its distracting from the actual content. I did, however, study documentary film which is a different animal, but I would hate if everyone was distracted from the beautiful scene to notice how cool my camera work was.

The stuff with the truck in the sand was incredible, and would be impossible to shoot otherwise. The 180's with architectural stuff gets old quick.