Prius Owner Makes Terrifying Chastity Belt Thing To Prevent Mirror Theft

Do you have a car that’s a popular target for thieves, but have avoided installing any sort of theft-prevention devices because you can’t find anything that resembles a 19th-century anti-masturbation device to suit your tastes? Well, thanks to an ingenious Russian inventor, your problems are solved.

It seems that second-generation Priuses are popular cars in at least some parts of what appears to be Russia, and the side mirrors are removable with what appears to be just a bit of force.


The video here shows both how easily the mirrors can be removed and stolen, and one owner’s wonderfully midieval solution, all set to a somewhat baffling soundtrack:

Let’s take a closer look at this anti-theft device:

You can almost here this Prius owner muttering “fuck you, mirror thief” over and over as they take shears to sheet metal to make this Victorian-torture-device-looking contraption. The mirror-cage is secured at three points to braided metal cables that appear to go through the wheel wells and under the car to the mirror on the other side, and also seem to anchor to some point on the rear underside of the car.

I suspect whoever owns this car has had their mirrors stolen two or three times and was done with that shit.


I admire this person’s ingenuity, overkill, and determination not to let the bastards win. Plus, that mirror armor gives that Prius a much-needed dose of Metal badassery it sorely needs.

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