Post Geneva Shocker: Lumeneo Smera Is A Two Seater!

A couple of days ago, we received an email from Lumeneo's PR rep Isabel giving us the business about the all-electric, leaning Lumeneo Smera we brought you. She claimed the car was not as our American eyes could clearly see, a single seater, but in fact a two seater! 'Impossible!' we said, 'Prove it with a picture.' And so she has. Seated inline, inside that tiny little car are father Daniel and son Thierry Moulène, President and Technical Director respectively.


We promise there are no tricks of photography, no tricks, this is a real picture and two grown men are in the Smera. You can look for pixels yourself with this full size image. Guess that explains the funny shape of the lower seat cushion. We thought the press release was in error when it said two passengers. So now we have a two seat, all electric, four wheeled, leaning micro car that will get to 62 MPH in 8 seconds, top out at 80 MPH, and run for 93 miles. This just keeps getting better and better. We actually kind of want to give one a spin now.

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