Lumeneo Smera: 80 MPH EV Gets Geneva Started Down Path Of Weird

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Tucked into a lightly trafficked back corner of the show is this awesome little scooter-sized concept car called the Lumeneo Smera. The Smera is a single seat two seat (!), super-narrow electric car that fits into the same footprint as most of the scooters Europe's more suicidal drivers use as daily drivers. With those huge windows and Buck Rogers steering wheel, the cabin doesn't feel quite like the claustrophobe's nightmare it should, and while cargo space is tight, it's also not as bad as we'd expected. But, what did meet expectations was the fuel economy and range. The Smera... capable of 80 MPH and goes for a range of up to 93 miles. Best of all, it leans into turns just like a motorcycle so we're assuming driving it has got to be a riot. The little car is powered by two 20 BHP electric motors feeding off of lithium ion batteries capable of a rechage by way of standard domestic power outlet. The quoted 0-100 KPH time is 8 seconds, which for a super economy car is fantastic. That even beats the Fiat 500 Abarth from the starting tree. Disc brakes on all four do the stopping and the car is equipped with a safety cage and seat belts in case things get out of hand. The car is a proof of concept at this point and the whole company seems to be owned by the Moulene family, who fill the posts of president to technical manager. Planned production for 2009 is 250 units but we've got no clue on price

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@ccc40821: "..Ok, it may not be as safe or crashworhty as - say - a Smart car or the Toyota IQ. But you'll still be better off in an accident than if on a motorcycle...

Not necessarily. Wearing leathers, a full face helmet, and a spine protector, being thrown isn't so bad. You let the bike take the impact, and avoid sudden decelerations. Less total trauma. In a small vehicle like that, getting trapped, and then burned after a collision, is a larger consideration. You won't be wearing a helmet, so head trauma risk increases. Since you can't jump off when a collision is inevitable, you have to ride out the impact. And in a collision between a large object and a small one, the smaller one undergoes the most rapid change in velocity. Those decelerations are what really kills people. I'd take the bike.