Porsche Will Replace The Engines In Every Single 911 GT3 To Stop Fires

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The Porsche 911 GT3 has been in a holding pattern for the last few weeks after a couple cars caught fire. Porsche ordered a stop sale and to stop driving all GT3s until the problem was identified. It has been identified, and now 785 GT3s need new engines.

In a conversation with AutoGuide, ace Porsche PR man Nick Twork confirmed that the issue with the GT3 is the connecting rod fasteners. They are evaluating the replacement part now and will start replacing the engines in the GT3s as soon as they can. We also confirmed this with Twork and Porsche, and what AutoGuide was told is correct.


Twork told AutoGuide that it will take time to build the engines and for dealers to receive them, but they'll do it as fast as possible. Once the engines are at the dealers, it should take about a day for the replacement engine to be installed.

Get ready GT3 owners, your nightmare is almost over. I was actually at a local Porsche dealer this weekend and saw a tent that held a lonely new GT3. It appeared like the poor car was in quarantine. Hold tight little fella, you'll get a heart transplant and be out on the road in a jiffy!

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Big Block I-4

What are they doing with the old engines? I will put up $500 for one, throw it in whatever and drive it till it burns.