Porsche Will Give You A Brand New Early 911 Dash For A Thousand Bucks

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In case you drive a 1969-1975 Porsche 911 with a cracked and faded dashboard, I got great news for you, you lucky bastard.

Only German manufacturers seem to be clever enough to realize that recreating old parts to keep those classics on the road is a very good business that’s also beneficial for their brand image.

Porsche Classic’s latest addition to the catalogue is the dashboard for the long-wheelbase early 911s. It costs 951.99 euros in Germany (not 952!) including VAT, and consists of a modern substructure with the original surface having the fluted texture and tactile feel, gloss and degree of black that are identical to the original. Porsche assures “100-perfect fit precision” and a long life even under harsh climatic conditions.


Since the new part also has to installed by using the original assembly procedure - which involves removing the windscreen - they also suggest you don’t try replacing the dash at home.

Meanwhile, Porsche Classic is rapidly growing within the company as Porsche is planning to expand its international dealership and service network to having around 100 Classic partners. The selected shops should have all the parts, technical literature and skills to do a full on restoration of any Porsche pasts its tenth birthday.

I wish I had an eleven-years-old 911. Yes, a late 996. That would do.

Photo credit: Porsche


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