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Porsche Wants To Change Street Named For Henry Ford II To 'Ferdinand Porsche Avenue'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Porsche announced last year that their new North American headquarters would be built in Atlanta, on the site where a Ford Taurus assembly plant used to reside, cranking out Taurii. Though not much has happened so far, the situation is changing, as reported to us by reader Jim Mitchell. It looks like along with some road construction and gas line installations, there's going to be another change as well. As Jim tells us:

Late last week, I noticed this sign posted near the site of the future Porsche HQ, announcing a public hearing to change the name of the road from Henry Ford II Avenue to Ferdinand Porsche Avenue.

As far as I can tell, just this single sign has been posted in the area, and this is the first indication to anyone who hasn't kept up with the news that Porsche is in fact moving into the neighborhood.

I'm not too surprised Porsche would want to change the name of the street from that of another carmaker to their own founding father. What I'm wondering is if this is the first time a street named for one Big Name in the automotive world has been renamed to another automotive giant? Have any Rue De Louis Renaults been renamed Adam Opel Strasses or anything like that?


This seems like a good question to put out to the Jalopulation. Also, I like how the actual sign prints Henry Ford II's name as "Henry Ford 11" which sounds like the cyborg great-great-great-grandsonbot of the Ford family that rules the Free Detroit Mars Colony in the year 3314.