Prior to the Shanghai Auto Show, Porsche wanted to showboat a little. Their idea? Lift a Porsche Panamera to the 94th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center. In an elevator.


So how'd they get the Panamera and it's fat butt up there? Check out the images above and you'll see it was quite the squeeze, almost mimicking what you'd see if Santa Claus were real and he was shimmying up your chimney after eating all your cookies and making out with your Mom. Wait a minute...


Getting the Panamera, or any car for that matter, up to the 94th floor of the world's second tallest building is no easy task. Workers jimmied the 4-door Porsche into the freight elevator using a motor ramp and some careful coordination to get it into an upright position for its ride up 1,394 feet to what is considered to be the world's tallest event platform.

Question is ā€” How'd they get it down?

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