Back in 1975, Porsche's chairman Ernst Fuhrmann met with the Soviet automotive industry minister Viktor Polyakov and agreed on a three-year partnership where Porsche would help design Ladas. This is the failed result of that partnership.

It's called the VAZ-Porsche 2103 and it was planned to be a facelift of the Lada of the time. Porsche revised the suspension, redid the interior, and cleaned up the exterior. Well, they pulled off all the metal brightwork and put plastic in there instead. To put things charitably, it looks very much of its period.

Porsche proposed their update in 1976, but the Soviets rejected the car. Old Russian Cars points out that Lada went with their own update instead, the 2106, but we all know that the Lada was always perfect and never needed any changes. Lada did, however, accept some work Porsche carried out through 1980 on the Niva offr0ader. Porsche apparently reworked the engines for accepting bad gas and did some work in aluminum for Lada as well, states.


Of course, the Porsche/Lada connection didn't end there, but that's a story for another day.


Photo Credits: Porsche/Lada/maybe the former Soviet Union