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According to Edmunds Inside Line, the Porsche boys aren't satisfied with their 21.2% stake in Volkswagen. A new power grab in the works would expand Porsche ownership of V-dub to over one-quarter (25.1%), which execs say would further protect Porsche's joint-venture interests from hostile-takeover barbarians at the beleaguered VW's gate. Regulators have yet to approve the plan, but Porsche execs, naturally, expect such a go-ahead is forthcoming. Despite talk that the widening ownership is an attempt to reconcile separate sides of the Porsche-Piech family since a split in the 1950s, the self-protection theory makes sense, considering 30% or Porsche's sales volume is from VW, in the form of the Cayenne SUV. And what of VW's business woes? Will they drag the Porsche dream team into a union-management chaos vortex? Stay tuned.

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