Porsche Is Recalling Some Macans Because Of This Weird Phenomenon Known As 'Oversteer'

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I’ve just learned of some truly distressing news. Porsche North America is recalling 243 2017 Macans over some potentially faulty front anti-rollbar links. The fear is that these links could cause the cars to “oversteer.” Shit!

You ever heard of this? On Porsches? Me either.

Porsche’s report to the NHTSA last month reads:

There is the possibility that the front anti-roll bar of the affected vehicles were fitted with connecting links from a defective batch on which the connecting link bushings can move out of the connecting link eyes. This can cause rattling noises and can subsequently cause the anti-roll bar to stop functioning during extreme driving maneuvers. If this happens, the sporty handling as designed into the Macan may be impaired, resulting in oversteering of the vehicle.


Guys! Stop with the extreme driving maneuvers! Also, what is oversteer? What is that?

Can it be this?

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

Or this?

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Definitely not this.

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

All of that looks super dangerous and not at all fun. I’m glad that Porsche is getting to the bottom of this. A very serious carmaker like Porsche should not make cars capable of such tomfoolery.

Happily, though, there haven’t been problems in customer cars that Porsche knows of. It will replace the links and customers can return to their safe, oversteer-free lives.



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Tom McParland

I got a copy of the recall notice.

Dear Porsche Owner,

It has come to our attention that certain Macan models have a manufacturing defect in the front anti-roll bars. This may result in a momentary loss of control of the rear of the vehicle if entering a turn at high speeds.

Please see our illustrated solution as to how to remedy this problem.