Porsche-Diesel! We Didn't Know!

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Herr Doktor Ferdinand Porsche was certainly a prolific fellow, this much is known. The gargantuanly-hairball Silver Arrows, the Beetle, and various German military vehicles of the Roughly-987-Less-Than-a-Thousand-Year-Reich. He also sired Ferry Porsche, who gave the world the vaunted Neun Elf, and great-uncled Ferdinand Pi ch, who spearheaded both the Can-Am-killing 917 program and the sales-underperforming Volkswagen Phaeton.

If Bruce were a substance that could replace blood plasma, sure as shootin' that's what Dr. Porsche had coursing through his arteries. But who knew dude designed anything as pedestrian as air-cooled diesel tractors? Or furthermore, that anyone ever designed a tractor as awesomely named as the Volkschlepper? Jeez. He makes Dr. Z look like he earned his doctorate via a serindipitous Cracker Jack purchase.


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