One of the Rarest: Porsche 916 on eBay

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Holy Stuttgart, Man of Bat. One of the Porsches most sought-after and least seen on the block is up for sale on eBay. That is, the 916, which was a fixed-roof, 911S-powered (that's the quirky but powerful 2.7-liter RS version) 914 built in miniscule quantity in 1971 and 1972, none of which went to production. Legend has it that 11 were created, and you can have one of those, a 1972 model, for $170,000. This one's in the Jalopnik Dream Garage, so we say, if you've got the means, buy it now before we have time to find a sugar mama. [Thanks to Brian for the tip.]

Porsche 916 ( number 10 of 11 factory prototypes) [eBay]

Porsche's Missing 914: The 916 Prototype [internal]


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