Porsche Boxster S gets put under a Black light

Henry Ford famously offered the Model T in any color as long as it was black. Porsche is trying to do the same thing with its aging buggies — first with the 911, and now with the Boxster S Black edition.


Like the 911, the Boxster gets the bible-black predawn treatment throughout its interior, absent a few aluminum bits. Unlike the 911 Black, the Boxster S Black also gets a modest power bump, gaining 10 hp to 320 hp, impressive considering most cars only get an extra 5 to 7 hp from their monochrome paint treatments.

While ol' Henry painted them black to keep the lines humming, Porsche will only build 987 copies of the coal-dusted Boxster, at a U.S. starting price of $65,200.

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