Pontiac GTO Judge revived by Camaro-bending enthusiasts

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Those of you who still pine for widetrack driving excitement have seen several attempts to restart the Pontiac shield on the bones of the new Camaro. Now the Florida home of new-age screaming chickens has gone to the next level with a GTO Judge.

The Trans Am Depot's version of the iconic Pontiac sidesteps the messy copyright issues by calling itself "The Goat 6T9," with appropriate typefaces that shortsighted observers could mistake for GTO. While details of other changes are scarce, we'd suspect they're similar to the supercharged, lowered Trans Ams built by the firm.


Prices haven't been set, but the Depot says it hopes to begin flipping 6T9s late this year. Until then, Pontiac fans will have to get by with the Hurst-edition Trans Am, or keep saving for that flight to Australia.