REPORT: The Pontiac G8 El Camino, GXP Live... As Holdens!

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Holden's readying a limited edition version of its Commodore SSV with Pontiac's twin-nostril grille and hood scoops. According to Australian sources, the special edition will be called the Commodore G8 SSV and be available as a sedan, ute and wagon!

Apparently, the move to stop the export program in the wake of GM's bankruptcy and the killing off of the Pontiac brand has left a warehouse of parts once destined for cars to be exported to the US. Holden's marketing department — sensing an opportunity — has decided to use the stockpile on VE Commodores, which will be sold as a premium priced, limited edition Holden. Brilliant!

Even better news is the special edition will apparently also be available as a ute and wagon! GM had announced plans to bring over a G8 El Camino Sport Truck ST to the United States but then nixing those plans, along with even the idea of a wagon version of the Zeta-platformed RWD G8.


Although there's no official confirmation yet from Holden, the mere thought of the G8 surviving provides us some level of comfort — even if we're not getting it here. Frankly, the mere thought of a Pontiac El Camino vastly increases the likelihood we may have to move to Australia for some good ol' fashioned muscle car hoonage! Seriously, this is the best news we've heard in weeks.

UPDATE: Aussie site carpoint's reporting the following:

"It is unclear how many of each will be made, but dealer contacts have suggested it will be close to 1500 in total, or about 500 of each body style.

Prices of each limited edition model will be $1000 more than a regular SS V. The Holden bulletin outlined to dealers the following:

Pontiac G8 SS-V ute manual $47,490
Pontiac G8 SS-V sedan manual $55,290
Pontiac G8 SS-V wagon manual $57,290"


[via Drive,, carpoint]

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engineerd - Jalopnik Poet Laureate

I have a dream. A goal, if you will, to open an auto import shop. I've started looking into it and read up on some of the requirements from the federal government to import cars. We all know about the 25 year rule, but what if you want a car that car companies deem unsellable in the US? Like a Holden G8 Ute? Or a Ford Focus RS?

It's not cheap. My initial research has shown that over the last 10 years or so, the number of regulations just to get federal import approval has skyrocketed.

It's discouraging, but I am taking the opportunity of the economic downturn to lay low and figure out how feasible this would be.