HPP Trans-Am Concept: A Camaro With A Retro-Oh Face

Since the new Camaro launched, customizers have attempted to build the Trans-Am a deceased Pontiac couldn't. From Lingenfelter to the Bandit Trans-Am, then The Firebreather. Now there's the HPP Trans-Am Concept, from the same people who built the Retro Daytona.


Photos on the HPP Facebook page show two models sitting inside and around a white-and-blue Camaro done up with a late-70s visual vibe at the front, but a a paint scheme and rear treatment that reminds us of the 1969 Trans Am Ram Air III.

It's an interesting take on the Trans-Am phenom, but we think it needs is a set of t-tops and a screamin' chicken on the hood. What's that you say? Company Modern Hotrodz and Drop Top Customs will offer a T-Top conversion for just $6,500? Seems like these two groups need to meet up at SEMA so Jalopnik can finally recreate the original Smokey And The Bandit run.


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