Bandit Trans Am Builds Excitement In Our Pants

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The Bandit is back and this re-skinned Camaro's building excitement in our pants faster than Sally Fields ever could. Called the Phoenix T/A Conversion, it'll cost you about $85,000 (including Camaro SS) to get some screamin' chicken action!


So what do you get for $80 to $85K? Well, for starters you get a supercharger atop the big LS engine under a newly-crafted hood, a shaker scoop atop that and a killer graphic package. You'll also get a 1"-4" lowering kit with sway bar and some Pirelli Pzero's with Gold or Silver machined face snowflake wheels — complete with Phoenix T/A logo. Skraw!

Other exterior embellishments include the fender extractors, an exhaust conversion with splitter tips, a rear fascia clip with tail lamp lenses and bulbs and oh, yes, the sweet rear spoiler.

On the inside, an embroidered head rest and console lid, turned aluminum door panels and inserts along with a matching instrument cluster trim. Combine that with a hurst shifter and a real Pontiac steering wheel and you've got yourself one screamin' Trans Am. Want one? Head over to the folks at TransAmDepot.


Jonathan Harper

we're missing something....

all these trans am retro buildups....

something crucial. what is it?

a whole lot o' MULLET #pontiactransam