Pontiac G8 GT Slams BMW 5-Series In Poetic Verse

From the book of car, whatever that is, comes the latest in the march of ads for the Pontiac G8 GT. We all thought the Spy Hunter commercial was clever, and the Hot Wheels one was slick too. This new web-only commercial turns it up a notch, taking the fight right to the lion's den, comparing the new 2008 Pontiac G8 GT to the BMW 5-Series. Hmm, that's an interesting approach from the brand that never used to drive excitement, especially when they claimed they were, but since it's their ad, do we really have to say who comes out ahead in this one? What we really like about this latest commercial is the poetry slam vs. powerpoint presentation style, plus the funny pictures of goats. Subtle allusion to the Pontiacs of the past, perhaps, but automakers should remember that farm animals always make for a good direction for a car commercial. At least in our minds. [Youtube]


Rob Emslie

Good ad, but couldn't they find some magazine covers that actually had the G8 on them? Or at the least a GM product? Nice Orange Challenger subliminal moment there.