Poll Time: Who's The Misogyny King, '64 Riviera or '68 Mustang?

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Watching old car ads, we tend to be most struck by how styling has changed (for the worse) and mechanical goodies have changed (for the better). But, every so often, we run across an ad that makes it clear how much the world around the cars has changed. The 1960s really aren't that far back in the rear view mirror, but it's lucky for the admen who made the following pair of ads that present-day women don't have time machines (ideally, installed inside a blown Hemi-powered Dodge La Femme... or they'd be coming back to kick their asses!


So here we have what appears to be your standard all-Riviera stalker-victim scenario, complete with Isadora Duncan-style scarf on the woman in the white Buick, and the dude in the red Riv studying a map marked with the gravesites of his previous victims. But wait- it turns out that they're meeting up at the country club, where we learn that the '64 Riviera is a car that "a woman can admire and enjoy to the fullest, but only a man can understand."

Let's say you're Liz, a successful scientist who packs a PhD and works at what looks to be a secret nerve-gas laboratory. But for Liz, something is missing (despite her success in brewing up a more potent form of commie-killin' VX)... ah, of course: she's sacrificed her womanhood by stuffing her brain with useless scientific knowledge, when she should have been working on getting her MRS degree! The solution: buy a '68 Mustang fastback... and watch the workplace sexual harassment begin!


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Why, in the music for an ad starring a '68 Mustang driven by a woman PhD, do I hear a banjo? Why?