Adventures In Marketing: The Dodge La Femme

It's hard not to love some of the stuff Detroit thought up in the days before focus groups told them we really wanted cup holders and plastic cladding. For example, the amazing Dodge La Femme. Made for the '55 and '56 model years only, the La Femme featured two-tone paint (Heather Rose and Sapphire White) and a snazzy set of matching accessories, including rain gear and makeup compact. Was the La Femme part of the dominant patriarchal hierarchy's plot to resubjugate women as retribution for their short-lived economic independence during the Rosie The Riveter era? Or was it all part of a plan to create a new generation of hot-rod-mad Rosies who would stuff blown 392s in their La Femmes, then conquer the world?

By Appointment to Her Majesty, The American Woman []

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