The most recent motorized YouTube sensation has been a Canadian Yamaha rider taping him or herself splitting traffic and speeding at 186 MPH. Canadian police have now seized what they believe to be the motorcycle in the video and are questioning its owner and her son.

The bike is a blue Yamaha with the same markings and scratches as the one in the video.

Police have already fined the woman who owns the bike, but officials believe that her 25-year-old son was the one on the bike for the video. The Globe and Mail report that he has over two dozen tickets for speeding and driving without a valid license.

The mother's tickets are for speeding, driving without due care, excessive speeding, and driving without insurance. The fines add up to almost $1,500. The original video has 396,054 views, making the fine equal to 0.4 cents per view.

(Hat tip to 3pedalsgood!)