Police Dog Death Rate Increases Due To Overheating In Squad Cars

Police K-9 dog death rates have increased this year, along with pedestrian dog and child death rates, because the pups in blue are being left in super hot squad cars. You would think cops would pay more attention to the loyal partner they’ve known since it was just a puppy.

There have been 12 overheating K-9 unit deaths recorded in 2016, according to PETA, based on research into law enforcement documentation. But the number of casualties is likely much higher, as USA Today points out, due to a lack of a reporting system for service animals used by governments.

In one case, featured by USA Today and embedded below, one K-9 dog was left in a hot squad car for twenty hours by its human partner of three years before its body was discovered. The deputy responsible for the dog “apparently forgot” about the animal and was fired.


The 12 reported casualties have climbed from nine deaths reported in 2015, and seven reported in 2014.

In most cases human error or mechanical breakdowns causing the air conditioning to malfunction are cited for the deaths of the police dogs, which are considered police officers until they are “apparently forgotten” in a hot squad car for almost an entire day. Then it’s just a dead dog and the worst case scenario is somebody loses their job.

If you’re a K-9 unit officer, who has invested thousands of taxpayer dollars and hundreds of hours into training an adorable dog to be your partner, please don’t forget about it in your car.

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Does this mean if I see a dog in the back of a Patrol car I can break its windows? Oh, yeah!