Police Brutality 1963 Ford Thunderbird Prepares For24 Hours of LeMons Glory

When you've raced a '61 Cadillac Fleetwood at Nelson Ledges, you've already mainlined Concentrated Essence of LeMons. What's the logical next step? Racing a basket-case '63 Thunderbird at Gingerman Raceway in Michigan, of course!


Police Brutality Racing's original plan was to stuff a V12 out of a BMW 750iL into the Fleetwood, but the crazy X-shaped frame in the Cad made them postpone that project until they could find some way to make the V12 fit. In the meantime, they picked up an extremely rusty '63 Thunderbird, went into a frenzy of last-second preparation, and dragged it from Maryland to Michigan. As of last night, the car had not yet moved under its own power for at least 30 years... but check out that bright red paint and Pep Boys "wire wheel" hubcaps! Looks like we've got a very strong Index of Effluency contender here. Will it be ready today? Will it blow up in the first 15 minutes? Who can say? Check in later for more updates!

Disclosure: Murilee Martin gets baksheesh from LeMons HQ for his LeMons judging duties.

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