1961 Cadillac Fleetwood Bashes Tire Wall At High Speed, Driver OK

I'm back at the motel for some internet access and maybe a few Zs while tireless Judge Lieberman works the radios at Penalty HQ, so here's your LeMons Fleetwood Update.

The driver of the Police Brutality '61 Caddy was a little slow to spot a yellow flag and ended up plowing into a tire wall at a scary fast clip. He's fine, but the Cadillac- though running- looked pretty torn up. In fact, everyone who witnessed the wreck was shocked that the car could still move under its own power afterwards, but The General built his luxury cars of stout materials back in the early 60s.


A little wrinkled sheet metal was no big deal to Police Brutality; a few hours of work and the car was ready to go back out on the track. Not bad for a car that sat for years and hadn't been driven more than a few yards at a time prior to hitting the race track yesterday morning.

Back on the track and looking good!

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