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Pneumatic Garden Stool

Illustration for article titled Pneumatic Garden Stool

The modern postal mailbox is a dreary affair. There is but one gem that shows up occasionally among the usual pile of bills, credit card offers, carpet cleaning discount coupons, and sporadic check. The Harbor Freight Tools catalog! In honor of President's Day they sent along an extra thick version, which contained this fine Pneumatic Garden Stool. This thing looks pretty sporty. Supports 220 lbs. PVC Wheels. Adjustable seat. Take a bunch of chairs, add a long grassy hill, and some fearless or just plain stupid individuals might be encouraged to have a race. Rig up some footpegs, a two-stroke engine, and chain drive to one of the wheels and things could get stupid even faster.


Pneumatic Garden Stool []

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Harbor Freight is great and all but I'm pretty friggen sick of their almost daily spam emails....