Illustration for article titled Please Enjoy Tugster, My Favorite Blog Thats Not What You Think It Is

I assure you that tugster is very much not what you think it is about. It is, in actuality, a blog about tugboats in New York City.


What I appreciate about tugster: a waterblog (scenes from the sixth boro and gallivants beyond by any and all the crew) is that it feels like a vestige of an older internet. It’s a one-person blog, run by the very kind Will Van Dorp, who I met at the tugboat races some years ago.

The subject of the blog is straightforward: It’s about tugboats in New York City. It covers tugboats and the waterways they travel.

One the surface it is entertaining to read about the shipping industry in New York and New Jersey, something that’s easy to forget about when you spend your days in between skyscrapers.

But it’s also just enjoyable to be welcomed into a world of positive obsession, where, for just a little bit, all that matters are tugboats and the challenges they face, the achievements they accomplish.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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