Please Don't Tow Your Friends At High Speeds On Ice

Winter is coming (winter IS coming), and while the unknowledgeable of the world complain about doing things with their cars, those who truly understand know that it’s the best time to be a hoon. But with that in mind, please don’t be like these Quebecois loons.

Although hooking your wheel up to tow things is pretty genius. Nearly killing your friend at the end of the ride of his life, maybe not so much.


Also, I never thought I’d have to write that headline, but here we are.

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We may come from around the world, but we are also very much alike.

US: Hold my beer and watch this

Canada: Please hold my beer and watch this eh?.

France: Hold my wine and watch this.

Germany: Don’t touch my beer, but watch this.

Australia: I’ll have another beer and watch this.