Everyone loves to talk about cars made by plane companies. Saab never let us forget about Born From Jets. But what about planes made by auto companies? Which planes were Born From Cars?

This popped up in today’s discussion of Armstrong Siddeley, particularly this wonderful line from the inimitable Ash78. Here’s a picture of one such car.

That Siddeley is the same Siddeley as the one in Hawker Siddeley, the makers of the famous Jump Jet pictured at the top of this post. Siddeley was making cars before it was making planes, so the plane-made-by-a-car-company association works.

That’s the rule for this little game. The company must have been making cars before it was making planes. This rules out Subaru, if I’m not mistaken.


Post your best below.

Photo Credits: AP (top), Getty Images (bottom)

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