Are you having a rough time out there? Worried about the state of things? Does the likelihood of economic collapse and resource wars within the next few years keep you up at night? Do not worry, for in the meantime, we have this two-tone Mazda Miata with a denim interior and it’s really neat.

The really neat Mazda Miata comes from Garage Italian Customs, a company founded by Fiat scion Lapo Elkann (you’d imagine it would be a 124 Spider then but sure, whatever) and it’s called the MX-5 Levanto. It’s quite lovely, no?

To me it’s very, very 1990s, and I mean that in a good way. The second-generation NB Miata came in both those burnt orange and bright blue colors, and they definitely look good on the latest ND Miata, which so far has only been draped in red, white, gray and black. I’m not normally a two-tone fan, but this custom is nice.

Then we step inside, and it’s a denim-palooza in there! The dash, steering wheel, seats, door sills, even the gear shifter and boot—all covered in the same stuff as your dungarees! How magical.

All of it is really swell. I feel better already.

Hat tip to Carscoops!

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