Though it’s been barely discussed in the press, apparently there was some incident with one of the Top Gear hosts, and now the show is quietly picking an all-new crew. Who knew, right? Well, it’s not going to be easy to fill those six shoes, so I made a tool to help us out. A flowchart!

Now, the flowchart was designed, as usual, with the assistance of the Jalopnik Mainframe, currently located in a bunker/day spa under the Bob Evans HQ building in New Albany, OH. As such, the chart combines the most up-to-date research on the subject, and provides a number of viable possibilities. Feel free to put your chart-selected trio in the comments (some paths do result in multiple answers of equal value — just pick one from there.)

Anyway, here’s the chart. Use it well! I’m pretty sure the BBC will be combing these responses to determine the final lineup, so be ready to receive your check.


(To see the chart full-size, you can click here!)


Graphics credit Jason Torchinsky