Pick A BMW, Any BMW

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This is the end of BMW Week, I swear it. But, since we have been all things Bavarian around here since last Wednesday, we figured why not go out with a Danube-sized splash. And today's question is wickedly simple. You only get one BMW; which one shall it be? Me? Well, I'm torn between 3 lusty Bimmers. First, you got the Zagato bodied Alpina Roadster. You know, the Z8 with the bored out 4.8-liter B10 V8 and a slushbox. Kind of a stretch, but technically a BMW. Second would be an 850CSi. I would love to investigate a crime scene in one of those. Take my Audi, please! Last is the 507. I mean, how can you front on that? Actually, you can't. So that's my pick. You?




Oh Johnny NO! I've driven the Alpina roadster with it's craptastic SMG, and the Z8. They are both beautiful cars, and the Alpina looked slightly better then the regular Z8 with the Alpina wheels and interior upgrades, but an E39 M5 was easily more fun to drive. Yes, I know they were convertibles, but they just didn't have the same feel as the M5, but they did look amazing.

I don't think I could just pick one dream car, so I will go with my tastes. The M1 for it's aggressive styling and performance, and the 507 for it's classic styling and elegance.