This is the end of BMW Week, I swear it. But, since we have been all things Bavarian around here since last Wednesday, we figured why not go out with a Danube-sized splash. And today's question is wickedly simple. You only get one BMW; which one shall it be? Me? Well, I'm torn between 3 lusty Bimmers. First, you got the Zagato bodied Alpina Roadster. You know, the Z8 with the bored out 4.8-liter B10 V8 and a slushbox. Kind of a stretch, but technically a BMW. Second would be an 850CSi. I would love to investigate a crime scene in one of those. Take my Audi, please! Last is the 507. I mean, how can you front on that? Actually, you can't. So that's my pick. You?