Happy Pi Day! In honor of Pi Day, here's 3.14 cars with engine sizes that sound like Pi.

1. Skoda Superb Type 924

The first prototype of the type 924 was made in 1937, however it didn't enter production until 1939 (with a dozen 913 models using the 924 engine being made in 1938). The car had a new 3,140 cc OHV engine, an extended wheelbase and shorter, more rounded bodywork. The 924 is characterized by spare-wheels located behind the front mudguards.


2. Albion 16

Made from 1905-1914 or so, this one had a 3141cc twin cylinder. Those are some big cylinders.


3. Pontiac 6000

The one with the 3136cc V6 rounds up to 3.14L. So it's a Pi Day car. Plus, six lights up front!


3.14. Moto Reve 1909 V-Twin Motorcycle

Yes, it's a motorcycle, but it's exactly 314cc.