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Pastor Maldonado put his Lotus Formula One car into the wall early at the Australian Grand Prix, getting pushed off towards the barrier from contact with another car. One marshal on the trail around the circuit was there to grab an up close and personal view of the crash in slow motion.

I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to stick your camera through the holes in the catch fence for this very reason, but the dude didn't even flinch as the car came towards him.


Pretty impressive (and insane, and probably grounds to have his credentials yanked in the future, but impressive, nonetheless).

EDIT: I originally posted this assuming it was just a a photographer/fan given all the other people in photographer tabards around him, but another video from this user taken at roughly the same spot has a selfie at the end that seems to confirm that this was shot by one of the track marshals, who are usually banned from shooting photos for a reason. This reason. The "cars might fly into your face and need attending to" reason.


[H/T Russ Golyak (original video), Alison Hogg (selfie video in updare)]

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