Peugeot's Off-Road Hot Hatch Racer Looks Faster With Red Bull Graphics

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Peugeot is returning to the month of off-road insanity that is the Dakar Rally in January with this rear-wheel drive diesel lifted hatchback. The 2008 DKR will be driven by Dakar veterans, and has finally been revealed in race-ready livery.

Red Bull's standard red-with-yellow on deep blue has replaced a sinister black "prototype scheme." This is the final form of what the rig will look like when Peugeot races it in a couple months, plus a few extra stickers and whole bunch of sand stains after that.


Team racer Stéphane Peterhansel is just pumped it doesn't look too hot. "The fact that the part around the cockpit has been finished in white is an excellent way to protect us from the heat. I've competed in a car with a black roof and I can tell you that it makes a big difference."


The 2015 Dakar Rally will be on for pretty much the first half of January, and does not actually take place in Dakar.


Images via Peugeot

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