Peugeot-Citroen's Panhard Making a Comeback?

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The concept of reviving formerly glorious brands could be hitting the French side of the pond. Automotive News, relating a report from the French magazine Challenges, says PSA/Peugeot-Citroen may revive the Panhard brand for future premium vehicles. The company offered a terse "no comment" on the report, though a spokesman says the company is considering the premium cars segment as if it were a hunk of wine-brushed Pie d'Angloys spread on a perfect baguette. The Panhard name was once the height of automotive luxury in France, until Citroën absorbed it in 1965, and put the badge in mothballs. The name is still used for a line of military vehicles (Panhard AML). Is the lure of high profit margins great enough to cause another revival? It just may be time for that cheese course.


Dy-na-MITE! Er, Dyna Z! Part of the Panhard Dynasty! [internal]

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I would definetly buy a luxury car that shared badges with something with a gun turret. Abrams tanks should start coming with Cadillac badges.