Dy-na-MITE! Er, Dyna Z! Part of the Panhard Dynasty!

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Follower of the Dyna X, the Panhard Dyna Z was now and then referred to as "The World's Most Expensive Economy Car," having retailed in the US for a fair bit of dosh for something that most Yanks thought of a Gallic anomaly. Nevertheless, look at this thing. No! Just look at it! As illustrated above, it even had a Camino variant, as is generally mandated for all examples of Euro-quirk radness. More? You need more? How's this for more: the Z coach featured a varying hybrid construction of aluminum et shteel! Plus, the name! Can't you imagine yourself barnstorming down Mount Kilamanjaro with a harsh tailwind yelling in an almost-singsong tenor, "Dyna-ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "To Infinity...And Beyond!" our tuchus. The song of the Panhard is a rallying cry from the past specifically for now citizens of a brave new century.


Panhard Dyna Z [Citro net]

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Don't let Bangle get a look at this or it may become the new "design language" for the next gen of BMW cars. After all it is infectiously curvy with that drooped bumper and micro grille art thingee.

Though a 'mino variant 7 Series would rock my world.