Dy-na-MITE! Er, Dyna Z! Part of the Panhard Dynasty!

Follower of the Dyna X, the Panhard Dyna Z was now and then referred to as "The World's Most Expensive Economy Car," having retailed in the US for a fair bit of dosh for something that most Yanks thought of a Gallic anomaly. Nevertheless, look at this thing. No! Just look at it! As illustrated above, it even had a Camino variant, as is generally mandated for all examples of Euro-quirk radness. More? You need more? How's this for more: the Z coach featured a varying hybrid construction of aluminum et shteel! Plus, the name! Can't you imagine yourself barnstorming down Mount Kilamanjaro with a harsh tailwind yelling in an almost-singsong tenor, "Dyna-ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "To Infinity...And Beyond!" our tuchus. The song of the Panhard is a rallying cry from the past specifically for now citizens of a brave new century.

Panhard Dyna Z [Citro net]

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