Petit Le Mans 2011: Epic Photo Gallery

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Spoiler alert: If you don't want to see how last weekend's Petit Le Mans turned out in all of its madcap, high-speed glory, look away! Don't even go near a car blog! We suggest you turn off the computer and take up knitting.


It was another weekend of top-dollar endurance racing down at Road Atlanta, with perfect weather, blaring race engines, and a lot of hard racing. The Peugeot team came out on top, bringing each of its cars home after a long contest with the Audi R18s.

Those Audis never finished the race; the number 1 car crashed with a Peugeot and the number 2 car succumbed to collision-related damages sustained early in the race. In the end it was the number 8 Peugeot that took overall victory, followed by the number 10 car, then the 007 AMR/Lola Aston Martin.


In the GT category, the number 51 Ferrari won out over the evergreen number 45 Flying Lizard Porsche and the number 55 BMW.

Don't forget to watch the grand finale of these grueling thousand miles.

With all this talk of the greatest American race cars of all time, it's awesome to see absolutely classic endurance racing pounding away here on US soil. So while you wait until next year to get another fix of Georgia thunder, check out our galleries, shot by friends of Jalopnik J.F. Musial, Elan Newman, and Brandon Fierro.

Aston Martin Photo Credit: Brandon Fierro

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needs more R18 panning shots.