People's Curse Winner Packs Up, Flees LeMons Justice!

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It's a 24 Hours Of LeMons first: the People's Curse winner, upon hearing the bad news, loaded the race car into the trailer and roared out of town!

The Black Widow Mazda Miata got hit with 25 laps during the BS Inspection, but the team's drivers are so good and raced so cleanly that they'd dug themselves out of that hole and were sitting in fourth place as of this morning. Unfortunately for them, their car was the overwhelming Curse vote-getter... which might not be so bad, except that this team has already had Miatas crushed twice in past races. As the Bum Steers at the Yeehaw It's Texas 2008 race, they got de-Miatafied. A few months later, at the Gator-O-Rama '09, they'd renamed their replacement car and installed a pig snout, but that wasn't enough to ward off the Curse once again.


So spread the word, LeMons fans: if you have a team full of great drivers, you don't need to run a cheater Miata at LeMons. If you must do so, accept the People's Curse like you got a pair!

Happily, the blood-crazed crowd still gets to watch a car get crushed. One of the BABE Rally teams has volunteered its Rabbit for the ritual. We're hanging a dead man here- the Rabbit has a completely garbooned transmission after last night's BABE-versus-LeMons drag racing- but we'll still enjoy the spectacle.