LeMons Texas People's Curse Winner: Bum Steers Mazda Miata!

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The guys on the Bum Steers And The MooPoo Crew managed to convince Chief Perpetrator Jay Lamm that their allegedly sub-$500 Miata was fully legit. And, hey, Jay should know- he races a Miata himself. Thing is, the mob is not always rational, and the voice of the mob howled "CHEATER!" in this case. The Bum Steers were very fast, perhaps bordering on aggressive (though that's subject to a lot of interpretation), but looks like they earned the Curse almost entirely thanks to skepticism about their budget. Meanwhile, the SCHWING Team Corolla FX16 is still in the lead, with the Bikini Racer Camaro in second and the Latch Key kids moving into third place.