Let's begin this post by acknowledging that I Am Never, Ever Wrong. That being said, I was maybe a wee bit too harsh on Patrick Dempsey and Porsche when they were promoting their bid in the run-up to Le Mans, saying they had sucked the fun out of racing. Well guess what, McDreamy fans. The fun is back.


The driver change is one of the most important parts of any pit stop in endurance racing. Not only do you have to get the exhausted and sweaty driver who has just been in the car for hours out, but you have to get a guy in while somehow doing up all his belts and making sure he's all hooked up. Plus, it's ten times harder when you've got a million paparazzi cameras in your face.

Patrick Dempsey, Joe Foster, and Patrick Long still manage to somehow pull it off though. Must be all the practice they've been getting.

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