Porsche Hates On Fun To Promote Patrick Dempsey

Porsche has been doing a lot to promote its newest racing driver, sometimes-actor and team owner Patrick Dempsey. Dempsey actually plans on racing at Le Mans next week, as he did in 2009, and to help give him a boost Porsche made him this nice little video.


The only problem is, in making the video they kind of spit on a lot of things people really do love. The video opens up with a rousing soundtrack of guitars and drums and other fun things, before showing casual fans in silly shirts and silly hats enjoying greasy burgers and leaping trucks and sliding dorifto action.

"Hey, that looks like fun," you think. "I'd sure like to do that, with friends, and people. You know, have fun."

Too bad it's all over after 30 seconds. Porsche does not like fun. Porsche does not care about fun. Porsche is German, and for ze Germans ze racing is not about ze fun, but rather about ze principle. Cue the heavy electronica.

How very European.

Look, Porsche, I get it. I really do. Porsche is about racing, and winning, and winning the racing. For Porsche, racing is serious business. But if you're going to promote racing, which cannot exist in organized form without its fans, you shouldn't deride them or dismiss them just because what they happen to enjoy isn't the nose-in-the-air precision that Germany excels at and is known for.

Don't denigrate fun.

EDIT: Bonus points if anyone can identify the song in the first part. I'm gonna make my own awesome car fun video, and Porsche ISN'T INVITED.


Bill Caswell

I personally love the video. Captures both sides of motorsport. Those that love watching cars and those that love racing them. Its really hard to deny Porsche's approach to Lemans. They have won the race outright 16 times! More overall wins than any other manufacturer. BMW may own the Nurburgring but La Sarthe is Porsche territory.