Passengers Nearly Fight to Have Plane Grounded Over Presence Of Fruit

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The infamously smelly durian fruit has struck again. Banned from public transportation in some countries because it smells so strong, two tons of the Southeast Asian fruit in a cargo hold smelled so bad that passengers on a recent fight ordered it be removed from the plane.

Apparently things got so bad passengers nearly fought the plane’s staff to ensure they wouldn’t be stuck on a flight with the stuff, as the BBC reports from the monday drama:

Around two tonnes of durian, the world’s stinkiest fruit, was in the cargo hold of the Sriwijaya Air flight, bound for Jakarta from Bengkulu.

Passengers demanded that the fruit be removed, with some almost coming to blows with crew members.

The airline eventually relented and unloaded sacks of the durian fruit.

The flight eventually took off around 11:40am local time (04:40 GMT), an hour later than scheduled.


Durian is supposed to be delightful to eat. Gizmodo’s Ryan Mandelbaum said it’s “both sweet like custard and meaty like steak and onions,” when he gave it a try. Also it make his friend puke. The smell is, uh, pronounced.

Our own Kristen Lee has had it. Here’s how she describes the experience:

We bought one in high school because my friend insisted that I try it. I wouldn’t let him bring it into the house, so we cut it open with a big knife on the back patio. I honestly cannot remember the taste very much, because the smell stabbed into my nostrils like a rancid meat poker, blinding me against all my other senses. I also cannot describe that smell to you now because I have blocked it from my mind, but I can tell you that it was Bad.

Durian: pictured
Durian: pictured
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This is not the first time that durian has caused an outbreak of sorts. A couple hundred australians had to evacuate earlier this year when some got out in a university.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


son of a motherless goat (PSA: wash your hooves)

Seriously, what the hell would possess someone to eat this thing? Just look at it. GAH I CAN SMELL IT THROUGH MY EYES!! WHY WOULD A PLANT EVOLVE TO PRODUCE THIS??