Paris — this is what happens when you spend too much time worrying about what you and your BFF Kim Kardashian just bought and not enough time looking in your mirror at the rapidly approaching Honda Civic. Luckily, it was merely the Range Rover you smacked the crap out of — and not your Mercedes SLR. But we would've thought you'd learn after your problems earlier in the week. Apparently ya haven't, because as our friends at the HuffPo point out earlier today:

"Paris Hilton hit a parked car causing damage, then left without leaving a note — a violation of California law, and it's all on video.

It happened Thursday...Hilton says good-bye to Kardashian and starts to back out of the parking spot without her seat belt on — another violation of law."

That's so not hot!

Paris Hits and Runs Again... [Huffington Post]

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