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We're one of the first people who grumbles whenever we walk past a handicap parking spot and see some Prada-wearing and Gucci-carrying trophy wife unable to walk the extra 30 feet from her Hummer to the door of the local Whole Foods. We mean, come on — why do we get the hassle from the 5-0 when we're not coming to a complete stop at a deserted intersection, but a man in blue ain't around for li'l miss when she gets out of her car. That being said, somebody please tell us why Paris Hilton is able to do what today's Page Six claims:

PARIS Hilton looked able-bodied last time we looked, but she's been parking in a space reserved for handicapped drivers. Residents of a posh Los Angeles apartment complex that's home to her boy toy, Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart, say every time she visits, the celebutard thoughtlessly pulls into the handicapped spot...

Maybe "celebutard" is a Los Angeles-only disease — does this mean she'll get a telethon? Of course if it's not — we can't wait for the pics of her SLR getting towed!


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