Paraguayan Bus Drivers Crucify Themselves To Try To Get Jobs Back

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Eight bus drivers in the South American nation of Paraguay have crucified themselves after being fired two months ago. They say they were let go after demanding better pay and conditions, and have remained nailed to their crosses for at least two weeks.

We've heard of tough labor negotiations before, but this one may just be the most extreme. The protesting men in the city of Luque have have also been on a hunger strike since literally having driven nails through their hands and index fingers into the wood behind them, according to CNN:

Juan Villalba is one of the crucified bus drivers. Villalba is the secretary of the Paraguayan Federation of Transportation Workers. He told Paraguayan media that his group is willing to take the protest "to the very end," regardless of the consequences. His wife, María Concepción Candia, also nailed herself to a wooden cross Wednesday to show support.


The driver's wives are taking turns being crucified in one-day rotations, according to the Telegraph. The crucifixions are part of a larger labor protest by about 50 bus drivers, though only the eight and their wives have gone to such extreme measures.

The bus company, Vanguardia, has so far offered five of the drivers their jobs back but the men say they will not give up their protest until all eight are re-hired. I'm not a medical expert, though I can't imagine having nails driven through one's hands is very conducive to things that occur in the normal operation of a bus, such as turning a key, or gripping a wheel, or waving at passing motorists.


It's a little dramatic, I suppose, but it gets the message across. What message that is, is open to interpretation. Feel free to debate it in the comments below.

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