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Pants Shat

Practice runs for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb are already producing some intense Code Brown action. When you’re racing up a bumpy mountain road with no guardrail to keep you on said mountain, things get pretty intense.

Here is Palatov Motorsport driver Rodney Tu getting just a bit too close to the edge of that mountain for anyone’s comfort level in his Palatov D1PPS race car.


As PPIHC notes in their post of the video, the Upper Section pavement is always changing. The bump Tu hit, which apparently pops up frequently in that section of pavement, had even been recently cut down and repaved before the event.

[H/T Eric the Roodent]

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Diamond Plate Dude

I’m originally from Colorado Springs and grew up with this as a normal summer event. I have to say I thought it was more fun before being paved. I remember those drivers having to point the car at the cliff, put one front wheel in the ditch and let the tail swing around to get through the turn. Its sure a lot faster now and the cars have changed to adapt to the faster paved surface that is all true but I don’t know if there will be anything like the old days of those cars going up the mountain with a rooster tail of dust and the rear ends kicking out making the cars go sideways up the mountain. I guess I’m getting old :)