Pagani Zonda HH: Another Last HHurrah

Illustration for article titled Pagani Zonda HH: Another Last HHurrah

The Pagani Zonda R was supposedly the last hurrah in the Zonda line, but one filthy rich American buyer's convinced them to build one more, the Zonda HH. The one-off convertible uses all the top shelf pieces and no restraint.


The all-carbon-fiber car is fitted with nothing but the best, the 680 HP Mercedes V12 from the Zonda Cinque, the titanium exhaust, the carbon ceramic brakes, the lavish interior. It's all there, it's all Zonda, and it's the only one they'll ever make. We're banking on the HH being the buyers initials. Too bad Howard Hughes is long gone or it would've been a dead giveaway.

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Brian, The Life of

This is my idea the perfect topless car. IMO, super cars should have roofs.